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AA First ArcticStar 55 Water Cooler

New contemporary look, the Artic Star 55 uses the best and most reliable parts from the AA First range of water dispensers and features an integrated cup dispenser. Models are freestanding or table top offering either cold and ambient or hot and cold options.

The ArticStar 55 has been developed from the most reliable and well constructed AA First water coolers, it features a new contemporary design with a stunning blue coloured splash back and drip tray grill which are easy to clean.

A superbly versatile cooler which is available as a Free standing and table top version, offering hot and cold and chilled and ambient options.


New improved features..

  • Greater reliability from dispense buttons which look like solenoid taps but are manual push down buttons.
  • Greater accessibility from a Dispense height of 166.3mm
  • More cost effective and reliable as a result of using 95% of the same Internal Workings of the successful AA3300.
  • More hygiene protection from inhibited bacterial growth at the dispense point due to the Hygiene Guard feature

Hot and cold model features..

  • Superb Booster Button increases the temperature to 95C and can deliver 1.5 litres instant draw off at 91C plus
  • Savings of up to 25% electricity when it gets dark as the Eco light sensor or Sleep Mode turns the Hot Boiler off.
  • Greater protection from a safety lock on the hot water button.

Superb range of Options..

  1. The Drip Tray Overflow Kit has been designed to allow for a 3 litre Overflow Kit to be factory fitted or self-installed
  2. SIP Ozone Sanitising with Sleep is an Automatic 24/7 mode which reduces sanitising calls by 50% and energy consumption by 40% which needs to be factory installed
  3. Mains Drainage which enable the Drip Tray to be connected to mains drainage and which needs to installed by the manufacturer
  4. Cowling to fix the Cooler securely to the wall – supplied separately.


Machine typeBoth
Drink optionsBoth
Suited toMedium volume
Paid vend option?No
Water supplyBoth
Snack/ Cold drink option?No

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (mm):
(H x W x D)

Plumbed Floor Standing: 1135 x 340 x 340; Bottled Floor standing: 1165 x 340 x 340

Plumbed Table top: 460 x 340 x 340; Bottled Table Top:  463 x 340 x 340

Colour: Anthracite with blue splash back

Electrical Supply: 220 Volt, 50/60 Hz 3 pin plug and 1800mm power cord

Water Supply: Mains fed

Weight: Floor Standing 18Kg Table top 15Kg

The Range:

Plumbed or Bottled cool and cold floor standing; Plumbed or Bottled, hot and cold floor standing;

Plumbed or Bottled, cool and cold table top; Plumbed or Bottled hot and cold table top


as55fs-pou-cream-button (Updated)