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AA Alpha 1 WCPCA1

Stylish silver and very affordable point-of-use water dispenser featuring integrated double cup storage. Table-top or freestanding and cold/ ambient or hot/ cold models. Optional SIP for overnight sanitising using ozone to kill bacteria.

Not all water coolers are equal…

Drinking Water Cooler …The STYLISH & AFFORDABLE Alpha 1 stands taller than the rest.
Better by design Exceptional styling to complement your environment Superior Hygiene:-

  • Hygiene Guard™ protects the dispensing point
  • Remote dispensing push buttons built on dependable and mature technology
  • Optional self sanitising technology
  • Integral dual cup dispenser
  • Optional energy saving features saving up to 46%
  • Drip tray drain to waste ready
  • Generous dispensing area for bottles
  • Internal storage for filters
  • Customisable branding panel


Internal compartment for optional accessories such as filters and self sanitising ozone generators.
Antimicrobial hygiene guard protects the cooler’s dispensing point by inhibiting bacterial growth. Easily accessible for routine servicing.

Integrated dual cup dispenser (typical capacity of 100 cups in total). Remote dispensing mechanical push buttons
located away from the dispensing area for better hygiene.


Machine typeBoth
Drink optionsBoth
Suited toMedium volume
Paid vend option?No
Water supplyMains fed
Snack/ Cold drink option?No