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Darenth SnackBreak Mini

The SnackBreak Mini from Darenth fits perfectly with hot drink machines to create a complete refreshment solution.

Add snacks, crisps, confectionary and bottled/ can drinks to any table top coffee machine with the compact SnackBreak Mini. The electronic interface allows running as a slave machine, using the host’s payment system. Alternatively, it can be fitted with its own coin/ change-giving mechanism and is compatible with the i-key cashless payment.

Despite it’s space-saving design, this incredible snack/ drink vending machine delivers up to 32 selections and a capacity of up to 352 products. Accommodates canned/ bottled drinks, large crisp/ bagged snacks and over-sized confectionary.

The SnackBreak Mini holds up to 2 rows of crisps (4 selections per row, 7 products each selection) or 4 rows of confectionary (8 selections per row, 5 products each selection). One row can be used for canned/ bottled drinks and holds 8 selections.

Drink optionsCold
Product selections32 various
Suited toMedium volume
Paid vend option?Yes
Snack/ Cold drink option?No



Height: 1000mm

Width: 784mm

Depth: 746mm

Darenth Snackbreak mini