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Mojo Market Cooler Cafe

If you’re looking for the latest alternative to a combination vending machine which offers Cafe food items you’re in the best place

The Mojo Market Cooler Cafe is an alternative to a vending machine, providing greater flexibility due to it’s open shelving. You can offer a varied range of products with this adaptable cooler:

  • food items from sandwiches, wraps, burger buns to salads
  • cold drinks (cans and bottles)
  • confectionery bars and bags.

Cooler Cafe Mobile App








The Cooler Cafe remains locked until the user makes a product selection using the digital pad and inserts a credit card to release the door.

Simple and easy to use and can be teamed up with the 32 Market App for even more flexibility


Machine typeFree-standing
Drink optionsCold
Product selectionsVarious
Suited toMedium volume
Paid vend option?Yes
Snack/ Cold drink option?

Snackbreak mini
Icebreak mini

Mojo cooler