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Mojo Market – Micromarket

Alba Beverage Company are pleased to be able to offer customisable Mini supermarkets known as Micro markets to businesses in Scotland.

Alba have created a wonderful demonstration room and Mojo market micro market at their offices in Edinburgh. A micro market enables you to offer goods to your staff 24/7 which can be built to your specification offering you complete flexibility within the workplace.

our mojomarket


Our dedicated demo room – Mojo market is situated in our entrance hall to maximise the use of space at Alba’s offices. It consists of 4 units with adjustable shelving to ensure complete flexibility of the items required in our market.


Mojo market has a fridge with cold drinks,  sandwiches, wraps, pasta salad, burgers and slices all part of our competitive meal deals when combined with a hot or cold drink plus crisps or confectionery item.


Your business can specify a range of healthy eats from salads and fruit to indulgent treats including cakes, muffins and tiffin for the afternoon coffee treat deal.


Units are modular so you can also start off small and then add on as your requirements increase or change.


Our video illustrates how this can be adapted to break out rooms and rest areas

Customise your shop by adding additional shelving, fridge and freezer solution plus branded headers at an extremely low cost.

Advertise on the payment screen with relevant videos and images

Employees will love being able to interact with the market and businesses can match the system with workpasses or use biometrics technology for even greater security.

Amazing Features..

  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner options and Fresh Coffee all day
  • Ambient, fresh and frozen produce for Hot & Cold Food
  • Option to stock anything in the market
  • Staff incentives via coupons and Meal Deal options
  • Theft Prevention via Video Surveillance
  • 24 hour customer service on hand and fully GDPR and PCI compliant
  • Inventory reports and automatic replenish option on all store items
  • Option for separate company accounts for expense purposes
  • Payment Options – Direct Debit, contactless, Finger Print, Personal Account, Cash, work pass

For a demonstration or to find out more about Alba’s Micro markets please call now on 0131 338 5656 or use our contact form