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Collagen Water for Beauty and Body

Collagen water provides your daily boost of collagen and antioxidants to maximise health – now available in two delicious flavours – which one would you choose?

Did you know that collagen is a structural protein which accounts for 30% of your body and 70% of your skins natural collagen? Collagen forms a connective tissue throughout the human body’s system and its properties help:

  • restore skin for a youthful glow and hair and nail strength
  • repair muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments – perfect for pre- and post exercise recovery.

Introducing FYX Collagen water for Beauty and Body – 2500mg of Marine Collagen blended with aloe vera, fruit flavours and tea. As the 1st prepared collagen water in the UK – getting your daily supplement is easy, no preparation and its tastes soooo amazing.

Main benefits..

  • Sugar free and only 31 calories a bottle
  • Healthy and hydrating flavoured spring water with antioxidants
  • Premium marine collagen 1.5 x better absorption than bovine
  • Odourless and blended for great taste

Who should stock and where..

If you run any of the following businesses this product could be the perfect addition to your range:

  • Hotels, Spas and beauty salons
  • Gyms, dance and physical training studios
  • Health stores, physio therapy and retail
  • Vending machines


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