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LavAzza BLUE espresso pods

Lavazza BLUE is a high quality innovative and easy-to-use foodservice coffee. It by-passes the grinder-doser with single and double pod for a faster service, with no waste and no residue. Lavazza BLUE offers several quality Lavazza blends to meet the different taste requirements of all your customer.

Decaf single pod

LavAzza BLUE Dek decaffeinated pod

Espresso Dek, naturally decaffeinatd 100% Arabica beans from South America to  produce a full bodied, rich velvety flavour with a roasted cereals and hazelnut taste. A single dosage pod for use with Lavazza Blue machines.

Tierra Selection single pod

LavAzza BLUE Espresso Tierra single pod

Espresso Tierra, 100% Rainforest Alliance certified washed Arabica beans to produce an aromatic light fruity, sweet and delicate flavour. 8g single pod espresso for use with Lavazza Blue machines

Gold single pod

LavAzza BLUE Gold Selection Single pod

Lavazza Espresso Gold Selection, 70% from South and Central America (natural and washed arabica beans) and 30% from India and Java (hand washed robusta beans) to produce a velvety crema, smooth body and flavours of Almonds and honey. 8g of espresso coffee for use with Lavazza Blue machines.

Gold selection pod double

LavAzza BLUE Gold Selection Double pod

Gold Selection from Lavazza is 70% washed and natural arabica from central and South America and 30% washed robusta beans from India and Java flavours of Honey and Almonds, a velvety crema and a smooth balanced body. 14g double dosage for 2 espressos or a double shot with Lavazza Blue machines.

Top Class single pod

LavAzza BLUE Top Class Single pod

Top Class is an upgrade of Intenso espresso, blend of 50% Natural and washed Arabica beans from the Highlands of Central and Southern America and 50% South East Asian washed Robusta, for chocolate and cinnamon flavours and a persistent crema. Lavazza Blue machine 8g single espresso pod.

TopClass double

LavAzza BLUE Top Class double pods

New Top Class replaces Espresso Intenso, hints of cinnamon and dark chocolate 50% washed and natural Arabica (South and Central American Highlands) and 50% washed Robusta beans from India and Java. An intense flavour and persistent crema. 14g coffee pod for 2 espressos or a double shot.

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