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Filter Coffee

Alba Beverage stock a complete range of top-quality filter coffee for filter systems. Kenco filter coffee is packed in cases of 50 x 3 pint sachets or 1 Kg bags, Lavazza filter coffee is packed in 30 x 64g vacuum packed bags or 6 x 1Kg .We also supply individual bags and assorted cases without minimal order or surcharge.

Rainforest Alliance Certified Top Class 64g

Lavazza Top Class Filtro 64g

Lavazza Top Class is made from 100% natural Arabica and 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified beans gives a balanced coffee with hints of chocolate and vanilla for a distinct taste. 64g brick pack bag is ideal for ease of storing and fast preparation of pour and serve filter coffee machines.

Rainforest Alliance Certified 226g_moulu_Gold Selection FILTRO-fr

Lavazza Top Class Filtro 226g

100% natural Arabica and 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified beans gives Lavazza Top Class a balanced coffee with a distinctive taste and hints of vanilla and chocolate. 226g brick pack bag is easily stored and with a coarser grind is perfect for preparation of cafetiere coffee. Let it stand for 3 minutes then serve.

Gold 64g filter

Lavazza Gold Selection Filter 64g

Lavazza Gold Selection Filter Coffee has been developed using a mix of 90%  washed and 10% natural Arabica beans for aromatic and distinctive characteristics. It guarantees a light roast filter coffee with sweet hints of chamomile and vanilla. Shown in 64g size,  perfect for pour and serve machines.

226g_moulu_Gold Selection FILTRO-fr

Lavazza Gold Selection Filter 226g

10% natural and 90% washed Arabica beans for a wonderful light yet sweet aromatic Lavazza Gold Selection filter coffee. Hints of vanilla and chamomile for a superior Lavazza  taste. Shown in 226g size,  a coarser grind so perfect for cafetiere dispensers. Leave for 3 minutes then pour.

1kg_moulu_Gold selection

Lavazza Top Class Filter 1kg

Shown in 1KG bag Lavazza Gold Selection is a mix of 90% washed and 10% natural Arabica beans which creates a filter coffee which is aromatic and distinctive. Sweet hints of chamomile and vanilla are evident in this light roast filter coffee. If used with a scoop the coffee can be used with cafetieres or pour and serve machines.

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