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Conti X-One TCi Traditional Espresso Machine

The X-one TCi with it’s high extraction delivers prefect espressos, excellent steam performance guarantees ultimate milk foaming for great looking and tasting Lattes and Cappuccinos.

The Conti X-one TCi is the ultimate traditional espresso machine, not only does it look sensational, it’s highly efficient, has a large coffee making capacity coffees and it’s advanced systems make this a dream to use and maintain. The display provides all of the information the barista needs:

  • general control of the machine
  • information on settings
  • management and maintenance.


Espresso (E) and tall cup (TC) configuration options, both at the same price, ensure that users can select the traditional machine which best suits their location and environment at a competitive rate.

Red, black or white are the colour options so the design of the X-One TCi can be used to complement your environment and style, the Conti’ logo is underlined by an illuminated line for true sophistication.

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Features and Benefits

  • Machine lighting near the coffee groups to illuminate the operating area and improve ease of use.
  • The TCi control panel consists of easy to use selections (including programmable pre-infusion) which are illuminated press buttons developed to aid the barista
  • Whatever your volume -the thermosyphon system adjusts the flow control on each group and ensures high temperature stability for coffee.
  • Dual Function Chrome Steam Taps look impressive and are simple to use levers which include a “flush” function for optimum performance
  • A PID system electronically controls the boiler to ensure perfect control of coffee temperature extraction (+ / -1 ° C) and dry steam options too
  • Hot Water is delivered at pre-measured volumes, pre-programmed on function keys will be quickly delivered at good temperature and without splashes.
  • Adjustable Flow Control – The adjustable flow control device (1 per group) allows setting the temperature level of the first coffees.
  • Auto cleaning of the coffee groups is included with the TCi and the stainless steel wire drip tray is wide and spacious with an easily removable basin for optimum maintenance.
  • The cup warmer capacity  is large with enough space for 80 espresso cups, secure storage is provided by the side edges and ventilation of the machine is housed in this area.
  • Energy usage and consumption is improved with the integrated “Eco” mode
  • The technical area consists of electronics, electrical and hydraulic elements which are all protected and quickly accessible by simply removing the basin.

Technical Specifications

  • Model:                      Group 2                                  Group 3
  • Power:                    Single Phase                          Single Phase
  • Voltage:                      240 V                                    240 V
  • Heating Power:            4200 W                                  6000 W
  • Power Rating:              17.5 amp                                25 amp
  • Boiler Capacity:             13L                                         20L
  • Size W,D,H(mm):      768,553,527                           983,553,527
  • Spout Height(mm):   E 83 – TC160                         E 83  – TC160
  • Net Weight:                 58kg                                       65kg
  • Pump Flow:                100 L/H                                    200 L/H
  • Hot Water:                 2 x Doses                               2 x Doses (Mixed)
  • Manometers x 2:           Yes                                         Yes
  • Flowmeter Taps:             2                                             3
  • Porter Filter:                  1                                             1            (1 Spout)
  • Porter Filter:                  2                                             3           (2 Spouts)
  • Wire Stands:                  2                                             3
  • TCi System, Heating Element, Boiler Temperature  (controlled by sensor & PID), CE Certified:   Yes all models