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Conti CC100 Traditional Espresso Machine

The Conti CC100 range was developed as an entry level traditional coffee machine which offers good espresso extraction along with cost efficiency for optimal profitability.

Modular, with models ranging from groups 1 to 3, the CC100 is available in both the Espresso or Tall Cup (for large-size cups up to 148 mm high) versions.

Manufactured from metal to provide a solid casing and frame and combined with the latest technology to ensure easy maintenance, theCC100 is a really competitive traditional coffee machine.

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Ergonomic design

Designed with a large operating area and teamed with setting tolerances for consistent quality espresso delivery. As with other Conti traditional machines, the optional display on the CC100 includes the temperature sensors and controls which are adjusted by PID on the thermosiphon system. The result is that all coffee specialties are dispensed at a constant temperature for the best tasting products.

A highly cost-effective machine and ideal for use in environments (restaurants, takeaway, sandwich shops) where usage does not exceed 3kg or 400 cups of coffee per day.

On the Espresso version, there is a pre-infusion and a double espresso.


  • Solo kit for freestanding version (option) to plug into water tank
  • The machine can be adapted to offer pods system ESE (option).


Features and benefits

The most impressive features of the Conti range of machines is the ability to upgrade the power rating at no additional cost and the Espresso and Tall cup models are priced the same offering customers more machine for their money

Features included with the CC100, include:

  • Modified filter holder and sprinkler.
  • Automatic coffee group cleaning for increased ease of use.
  • Eco Mode to save energy and power consumption.
Machine typeTable top
Drink optionsHot
Suited toMedium volume
Paid vend option?No
Water supplyMains fed
Snack/ Cold drink option?No

Technical Specification

  • Model:                      101                     102                     103
  • Group head:                1                         2                         3
  • Size w,h,d (mm):   400,500,512          704,500,512            919,500,512
  • Weight:                    40Kg                    58Kg                     72Kg
  • Heating power:     2500 – 2700 W     3600 – 3800 W       4700 – 5000 W
  • Pump Flow:            100 L / Hour          200 L / Hour          300 L / Hour
  • Boiler capacity:         5 Litre                  11 Litre                 18 Litre
  • Mixed hot water: All models do not have mixed hot water
  • Power: All models are single phase