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NEW Lavazza Blue LB4700 Range

The LB4700 range, Group 1 and 2 Wega machines are reliable and flexible traditional system specially adapted for use with Lavazza BLUE sealed capsules, single or double dose, in 4 blends.

Lavazza pioneered the Blue system, now re-styled and redesigned to offer not only the performance of a coffee bean machine, but provide the renowned quality of the Lavazza Blue pod system. An incredibly strong and dependable machine which can offer a range of cup sizes. It’s perfect for producing excellent coffee shop quality coffees and ideal for the professional caterer looking to supply their Restaurant, Cafe or Hotel. Lavazza Blue is the ideal traditional system which reduces the need for full barista training, but does not reduce the drama of producing the ultimate Cappuccino, Latte or Flat White coffees or perfectly consistent Espresso and Americano black coffees.

How the LavAzza Blue Pod System works…












  • Group handles and Group heads have spikes which drill into in the foil of the capsule
  • The water infuses through the drillers into the pod at pressure
  • For a few seconds the hot water remains infused with the hot water, extracting a fantastic crema, aroma and rich flavour
  • The pod is forced into the upper drillers by the high pressure
  • A pass of water is sent through the pod into the cup
  • The result is an excellent espresso with a fantastic crema and aroma every time.

Latest technology..

New upgraded “easy milk” system with multi offer selections from programmable capacitive buttons.

There are automatic double spout steam wands where a sensor in the wand cutting out when the milk reaches the correct temperature, the left wand is for “Easy milk foam” from 2 different temperature and the right wand is “Easy milk warm” milk heat to 70 degrees – available as group 1 and group 2 models

The range of pre-set products is as:LB 4700Fixed

  • Cappuccino
  • Single/double espresso
  • Start/stop for coffee dispensing
  • Hot water
  • Hot milk
  • Start/stop steam flow
  • Single/double espresso

Alternatively, the manual steamer version enables Barista’s to take full control of the milk and is available as a group 2 machine

The pre-programmed buttons are then set as:

  • Espresso
  • Espresso x 2
  • Espresso Lungo
  • Espresso Lungo x 2

Enhanced Simple features..

  1. Contemporary look with clear refined lines, stainless steel on the front side and edge of the shell with Lavazza branding
  2. Two raised group heads for easy loading and unloading of the Lavazza Blue capsules
  3. Three Group handles for producing one or two espressos from the single and double pods plus a closed handle for cleaning the group heads
  4. A larger 10.5 6 litre boiler capacity and double scale gauge controls and measures the pressure to ensures the constant supply of coffees and hot water for tea
  5. A wide cup warmer on the top section of the machine ensures that all cups are ready for use
  6. A universal and adjustable cup support which enables different cup sizes to be offered.

This results in the consistent supply of quality single and double espressos teamed with the production of perfect hot and foamed milk for unforgettable cappuccinos and lattes.

Machine typeTable top
Drink optionsHot
Suited toHigh volume
Paid vend option?No
Refil capacity10.5 litre boiler
Water supplyMains fed
Snack/ Cold drink option?No


Model      LB4723         LB4724/LB4722 (manual steam model)

Height:   585mm                      585mm

Width:    565mm                    745mm

Depth:    475mm                       475mm

Group:        1                             2

Weight:   47Kg                          77Kg

power supply:     Rating 3650 W = 1 x dedicated 240v single supply with 20 amp rating or 1 x dedicated 3 phase supply (5 core cable)

water supply:      potable (drinkable) water supply at a pressure between 2 bar and 4 bar terminating in standard washing machine isolation valve (3/4″ BSP) directly under machine