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LavAzza BLUE LB4075

For use exclusively with Lavazza BLUE sealed single or double dose capsules, the LB4075 is modern, robust and versatile.

Versatile, robust and modern, the reliable Lavazza Blue LB4075, is a specially adapted traditional espresso machine which offers all of the barista theatre without the extensive training. Producing up to 180 coffees per hour this is a excellent machine which can satisfy every professional Hotel, Restaurant and Cafe need using the Lavazza Blue capsule.

The innovative extraction method of Lavazza Blue from the sealed single-dose or double-dose capsules guarantee a real Italian espresso any time, anywhere: creamy, fragrant perfection.

Specially adapted with a raised group head enables easy loading and unloading of the single or double Lavazza Blue capsules.  In addition the auto steamer enables the consistent production of hot milk and foamed milk for perfect cappuccinos and lattes.

A 6 litre boiler ensures the constant supply of coffees and hot water for tea and the double scale gauge measures and controls the pressure control of boiler and pump.  Cups are kept warmer on the top section of the machine….

LavAzza Blue Pod System… in action

  •  lower drillers in the group pierce the foil.
  • The driller’s spikes infuse water into the pod under pressure
  • Coffee remains infused with hot water for a few seconds, extracting the rich flavour and crema from the coffee
  • High pressure forces the pod into the upper drillers
  • Water passes through the pod into the cup
  • Making the perfect coffee with fantastic aroma and a rich crema

Michellin Star user…

Talented Chef Nathan Outlaw has two restaurants in Cornwall – Rock and Port Isaac and one restaurant in London, all offering modern British cookery in the dishes with a focus on outstanding British seafood. With 2 Michelin Stars for the past 4 consecutive years and placed 3rd in the UK in the Good Food Guide 2014, restaurant Nathan Outlaw recognise quality and this extends to coffee.

Lavazza Blue LB4075 machine is complimented with Rotondo and Magnifico capsules in their restaurants.

Machine typeTable top
Drink optionsHot
Suited toMedium volume
Water supplyMains fed


Height:   530mm

Width:    510mm

Depth:     560mm

Weight:   49Kg

16 amp single phase electrical supply