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In-cup Compact machine (Refurbished – On-line Shop)

One of the simplest hot water dispensers on the market which can offer 5 In-cup drinks

The Compact In-cup machine offers a 4 litre hot water dispenser which enables the dispense of up to thirty 7 oz drinks before a refill.

An easy to use and maintain dispenser

  1.  Select your drink choice
  2.  Pull down the drink from the dispenser
  3.  Add sugar if required
  4.  Add hot water
  5.  Enjoy your drink

If you’re looking for a simple system which offers good quality drinks in an instant at a very low price then look no further than the refurbished Compact machine


Machine typeTable top
Drink optionsHot
Product selections5
Suited toLow volume
Refil capacity4 litres
Water supplyManual fill