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Coffetek Vitro X1 NEW

Experience fabulous tasting coffee from the new Vitro X1, flexible drinks and ultra safe user experience in any environment

The new Elegant and contemporary Vitro X1 is a compact coffee machine which offer premium quality and so many features it’s so understated for its size. It features “distance selection” which ensures that your users do not have to touch the machine just hover 2cm from the touch screen to make a selection. So whatever your sector you can be sure that this will be the perfect bean to cup coffee machine which will complement your surroundings. Ideal sites include:

  • offices and receptions
  • hotels meeting and leisure centres
  • garage forecourts and convenience stores.

Very easy to use and maintain, the Vitro X1 offers a wonderful coffee experience delivering: high quality taste of espresso coffee based speciality coffees and creamy hot chocolate. This machine truly delivers on new technology which ensures  all coffees, no matter what size are ground, tamped and brewed to the ideal level automatically. It only takes seconds to satisfy your consumers and users with the ultimate great coffee taste and enjoyable experience! In addition a separate hot water area for serving enables your consumer to use clean and fresh hot water to make black teas and infusions plus other drinks.

Exceptional Innovative Features..

The Vitro X1 has been designed to make life easier for you, the user.

  • Access for you, the user is now even easier without having to open the machine door
    • Refill and filling of coffee beans accessed from the top of the machine
    • Removal of the large liquid and the coffee cake waste tray
  • 12 speciality coffees and no touch “distance selection”
  • AZK V30 variable espresso group enables adjustment of dosage from 7 to 14 grams for “Go large” options
  • Illuminated dispense for greater user visibility
  • Screen menu labels can be easily replaced to provide a range to suit your customers
  • Variety of payment options including validator attachment and cashless module


Office setting Vitro X1 with distance selection

Machine typeTable top
Drink optionsHot
Suited toMedium volume
Paid vend option?Yes
Water supplyBoth
Snack/ Cold drink option?No
  • X1 Dimensions: W337mm D505mm H672mm/H742mm
  • Weight: 42Kg
  • Electrical supply: 230V ~ 50/60Hz 2250W
  • Throughput per hour: Espresso: 150 cups
  • Preparation time per cup: approx. 15 t0 50 sec. depending on drink requested
  • Water Supply: Supply 15 mm mains supply from rising main terminating in a stop cock
  • Liquid tray: 1.2 litre
  • Group tray coffee: 65 cakes
  • Canister capacity:
    • Coffee bean: 1200g or 160 cups / adaptable to 2200g or 293 cups
    • Milk powder: 600g or 150 cups
    • Chocolate: 800g or 40 cups