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Jura Impressa Giga 7

Two perfect espresso based drinks at the same time.. versatility and style from the Jura Giga 7

The key to all speciality coffees is the perfect espressos so look no further than the Jura GigaX7 which can produce fantastic crema, aroma, milk foam and superb layered drinks.
The design of the Giga is stylish and professional and there is a vast array of features including the ability to prepare two of the same drinks at one time.

Double the opportunities..

The versatility of the GIGAX7 is remarkable – 2 coffee bean hoppers enable different coffee beans to be offered in each allowing the production of a variety of coffee blends for each drink on the menu. The easy programming enables different percentages of coffee beans from each hopper so clients can produce a blended coffee to suit their palate.

Fresh coffee beans are ground quickly, precisely and consistently using two high-performance ceramic disc grinders to extract the aromas from the coffee. Not only do the grinders keep noise to a minimum but ceramic grinders are reliable and guaranteed to last longer than traditional ones.  Depending upon the type of coffee beans used the electronic motors complement the process and the espresso by adjusting the grind from fine to coarse.

The dual coffee and milk spouts are variable enabling either a single or double cup, mug or glass to be positioned underneath and moved to fit the height (between 70 mm and 159 mm) and width  (between 20 mm and 50 mm).

A geared stepper motor features an adjustable air intake to ensure that cappuccinos and lattes have the correct amount of froth and foam and the layered macchiato is produced by automatically dispensing hot milk followed by milk foam into the glass.

Whatever your tipple, the Giga 7 has an easy to follow colour display offering – espresso, Latte macchiato, Caffè latte and Cappuccino are all produced at the touch of a button… so simple

Machine typeTable top
Drink optionsHot
Suited toMedium volume
Paid vend option?Yes
Water supplyBoth
Snack/ Cold drink option?No

Technical Specifications


Width: 37cm

Height: 57cm

Depth: 48cm

Voltage: 220–240 V ~, 50 Hz

Power - 2300W