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Coffee beans

Alba Beverage stock a complete range of top-quality coffee beans for bean-to-cup and traditional espresso systems. Lavazza coffee beans are packed in cases of 6 x 1Kg bags, Kenco coffee beans in cases of 8 x 1Kg bags. We also supply individual bags and assorted cases without minimal order or surcharge.


Lavazza Decaffeinated beans 500g

Lavazza Dek, 100% Arabica beans from Central America without the caffeine for  a well balance, rich, thick crema and distinctive aroma.


Lavazza Crema E Aroma coffee beans

A well balanced coffee with consistent crema, good strong character and pleasant after taste of dry fruit, cocoa sourced from Brazil,Honduras and spicy African beans, blended 40% Arabica and  60% Robusta.

Tierra Brazil

Lavazza Tierra Brazil 100% Arabica

From the single origin range, 80% RA certified coffee bean from Brazil. Well balanced flavour and aroma with a good crema. Medium to dark roasted blend of 100% Arabic to offer notes of caramel and nuts. Case of 6 x 1Kg

Tierra Espress Brazil Eng

Lavazza Tierra Espresso Brazil

A single origin coffee bean from Brazil with 30% RA certified. Intense flavour and aroma with a strong crema. Medium roasted blend of 80% Arabic and 20% Robusta to offer notes of chocolate and dried fruit.

Cool Brand SuperCremabeansnewpack

Lavazza Super Crema

An excellent velvety, creamy consistency produced from a blend of Brazilian, Central American and sweet Indonesia beans, blended 60% Arabica and  40% Robusta.

Rainforest Alliance CertifiedCool Brand Tierranew

Lavazza Tierra

An excellent blend made up of 100% Arabica combining liquory  flavours of Central American coffees with soft scent and delicate acidity of South America beans.

Cool Brand Grandespressonewpack

Lavazza Grande Espresso

The “espresso par excellence” produced from a blend of South American uplands, fragrant Asian and Intense Central American beans, blended Arabica and Robusta  to produce a strong coffee.

Cool Brand Goldselectionbeansnewpack

Lavazza Gold Selection

A blend of high quality Arabica and cleaned Robusta beans to produce a full intense flavour which is both smooth and chocolaty.


Kenco Westminster Medium Roast

This carefully selected blend of beans from Central and South America is Medium Roasted, for a smooth, fruity, slightly sweet and well-rounded coffee.


Kenco medium beans 1Kg

Kenco Sustainable Development Medium Dark Roast

This carefully selected blend of beans from Latin America is Medium Dark Roasted, for a rich, strong aroma and full-bodied distinctive coffee.

Kenco Italia 1Kg

Kenco Italia Dark Roast

This carefully selected blend of beans from South America is Dark Roasted for an intense and smokey espresso based coffee.


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