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With food allergies reckoned to affect 1% of adults and 5% of children, it is increasingly important to give clear information on any potential allergens contained in products dispensed by hot drink vending machines and coffee machines.


General advice:

All Kenco products (except Bovril) either obviously contain milk (e.g. white coffees) or may contain traces of milk.

Below is a list of allergens that different Kenco vending supplies could potentially contain:

  • Milk:
    • White coffees/ teas
    • Black Kenco in-cup, 2Go and singles coffee/ tea may contain traces of milk
    • Kenco beans/ filter/ instant coffee may contain traces of milk
    • Cappuccino and cappuccino topping
    • Hot chocolates and Milfresh Silver/ Gold
    • Soups
  • Gluten:
    • Knorr Chicken and Knorr Vegetable soups
  • Egg:
    • Knorr Chicken soup
  • Celery:
    • Knorr Vegetable soup
    • Bovril drink
  • Soya:
    • Cadburys hot chocolate

Lavazza products are not known to contain any of these allergens.

No products contain nuts, >10ppm sulphite or other commonly-recognised allergens.