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Jenier 2 cup Teabag Promotion

Jenier high quality tea is now available in a 2 cup catering teabag, you get the same delicious taste with the convenience of a teabag.

Quality high grown tea which is cut into finer particles ensures that it will infuse in this catering teabag to ensure you get the clear taste in 2 cups. Each pack contains 150 classic teabags @ £13 per pack. Buy any 5 packs of our teas and get the 6th pack free.

Our choice of classic teas include:

  • English breakfast
  • Scottish all day
  • Irish breakfast
  • Irish breakfast decaffeinated
  • Earl Grey
  • Clanwilliam Rooibos
  • Peppermint
  • Japan Sencha
  • Zesty Lemon
  • Delicious berry


Jenier Classic 2 cup teabags