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Lavazza Coffees

At Alba we’re passionate about amazing coffee so we are delighted to be the official Scottish distributor of Lavazza coffees.

Cool brands..

With over 120 years in the coffee business Lavazza have not only a fine heritage of producing exceptional quality coffee beans, filter blends and more recently pods, but a reputation for exciting design, photography and advertising. Team this with sponsorship of key fashion and sporting events and innovations with some of the world’s top chefs it is not surprising that they have received the “Cool brands” accolade.

Alba Beverage work closely with our customers to offer a choice of commercial coffee machines, including specially developed or adapted Lavazza machines for the supply of quality espresso based coffees. Our showroom offers the perfect place to try out the systems and taste the coffee with one of our sampling sessions to ensure that the coffee beans and filter blends are supplied to suit your required taste profile. So whether you are looking for Lavazza machines and coffees in your hotel, restaurant or cafe or a drink solution for your office or place of work we have the system for you.

Taste profiles..

The range of coffee products are profiled using different types of coffee and varying by:

  • QUALITY terms by Arabica or Robusta
  • PROCESSING form by washed or natural
  • SOURCE of origin or Country.

Perfect balanced coffee looks at the character and benefits of these different elements to determine blends and combinations which offer distinctive flavour, aroma and body.

Coffees which we are able to supply include:

  • Coffee beans for traditional espresso and bean to cup machines
  • Filter coffee for pour and serve, airpots and bulk brewers
  • Lavazza Blue pods for use with specially developed Lavazza Blue range of machines
  • Espresso Point pods for use with dedicated Espresso Point equipment

Ancillaries and Promotional support

As well as coffees Lavazza have a range of branded sugar sticks, disposable cups and ancillary items including chocolate square, cocoa covered almonds and mini shortbreads to complement your espresso, americano, cappuccino or latte!

We love helping our clients promote their businesses and the Lavazza brand so are able to offer various point of sale items to let regulars and passers by know that they have Lavazza.




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