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Instant Coffee, Chocolate & Whitener

Quality beans are used in our range of great freeze dried coffee blends to suit all tastes. A fuller flavour and taste is produced from freeze drying coffee as it locks in more flavour than other instants and produces  a versatile product which is quick to prepare, has a long shelf life and is easy to store. Instant coffee bags are available in 300g, packed in cases of 10. Chocolate bags are available in 1kg bags and packed in cases of 10. Alba Beverage Company can supply individual bags and assorted cases to you, at no additional cost- call us with your requirements. Please note an £8 delivery charge is applied to orders of less than £50

There is a good variety of products available from our wide range of equipment from Instant push button table top machines to full Traditional Vending. The machines has been carefully selected to suit different sizes, needs and budgets.

Cadburys Chocolate1Kg

Cadbury’s Chocolate 1Kg

The UK’s number 1 chocolate brand, Cadbury’s 1 Blend is a wonderful chocolate drink with 68% more fat reduced chocolate which produces a sweet, mellow, creamy, warm and inviting hot chocolate drink… mmmmmmm


Cappuccino Topping

Specially developed to give a smooth milky taste and appearance. Delivers great tasting indulgent speciality drinks and white coffee.


Kenco Decaffeinated 300g

A decaffeinated freeze dried instant coffee that delivers a smooth coffee taste and enticing aroma.

Kenco Rich 300g

Kenco Rich Roast 300g

A freeze dried instant coffee made with a superior blend of the finest beans, expertly roasted to capture a dark and rich coffee taste and aroma. Perfect for those who prefer a stronger coffee experience.

kenco smooth 300g

Kenco Smooth Roast 300g

A freeze dried instant coffee made with a superior blend of the finest beans, expertly roasted to capture a smooth and mild coffee taste and aroma. Perfect for drinking throughout the day.


Milfresh Silver 500g

Milfresh, in a re-sealable pouch for freshness, premium quality, fat free and made from real dried liquid milk. Cases = 10 x 500g


Milfresh Superior Chocolate

A richer, creamier and more natural healthier chocolate using finest grade cocoa and a dash of Milfresh skimmed milk.


Suchard Hot Chocolate 1Kg

A hot chocolate that offers chocolate lovers a luxurious premium hot chocolate drink from the famous Suchard Swiss chocolatiers.

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